Company Profile

GM Hotels was formed in September 2015, We are a management team that is highly experienced with operating hotels.

We currently manage Independent Pub Group which consists of 11 hotels, and 11 Retail Outlets

Independent Pub Group (IPG), was formed in December 2007. The group was formed to take part in the consolidation of the national pub industry. IPG first acquisition was the Christies Beach Hotel and was shortly followed by the Munday Group's South Australian and Queensland properties (7 Venues SA) and the Red Lion (Qld). In September 2008 the Hotel Assets of the Lasseter's Group (11 venues) were purchased. Then in September 2009 the three Newcastle venues were sold to the ALH Group and in December 2009 the Whitehorse Tavern (SA) was purchased.


Management Team

CEO/Director- Greg Maitland                                                                                                                                                                                              (Former CEO/Director of IPG, former CEO of CHG and Senior Executive of ALH Group, GM Hotels management has significant experience in the gaming hotel industries as well as in the public and private markets.)

State Operations Manager - Robert Mitchell (former manager of IPG venues)

Group Administration Manager - Kathy Richardson (former Group Administration Manager IPG)

State Retail Manager - Michael Raggatt

Finance Manager -  Darcy Bates

Project / Marketing Manager - Felicia Seidel (former project / marketing manager of IPG)